Watch the video together, then trace children’s hands on a blank sheet of paper. Help them write their names in the middle (or write them for them).  

Ask children to name the ways the Sesame Street friends use their hands to show acts of kindness: they clap to show appreciation, pat someone on the back, hold hands to stay safe or offer comfort, and make gifts.   

Together think of more ways we use our hands (to draw a loved one a picture, to prepare, share, or serve food, to write a loving note, to wave hello and goodbye, to give someone a thumbs-up, and so on). On each finger, help children write one idea, then color in and decorate their hands. If possible, display children’s work 

Use your real hands to high-five each other. Then, using your own two hands, create the heart shape that Sophia makes at the end of the video. Show children how to do the same. Remind children that, though they may be small, they hold in their hands the power to create a kinder future.