Super Grover’s Super Pose

A video that helps children conjure up feelings of confidence and safety.


Before viewing the video together, tell children that Super Grover’s going to teach them something they can do when they’re feeling big feelings that are making them feel “not so super.” You might talk about a time when you felt not so super yourself, and ask children to do the same. Tell children that they’re superheroes, too (you can even call them by their superhero names – “Super [child’s name]”)

As you watch the video, stand up together and do what Grover does (puts hands on belly, takes deep breaths, puts hands on hips, holds head high, puffs chest out, calls out “super words”)

After watching, invite children to repeat some super phrases like Grover did (“I am strong, I am brave, I am important.”). If you’re at home with a child, you can stand or sit in front of a mirror together and watch yourselves “strike a power pose.” Choose some of these phrases to say aloud, and invite children to repeat each after you (perhaps as a morning ritual):

  • I am an important part of my community!
  • What I say/do/think is important.
  • My neighborhood is important.
  • I can help build a better world.
  • I deserve to feel safe.
  • I’m not alone.
  • I stand together with others.
  • I know how to ask for help.
  • I have places I feel safe. [then name them]
  • Lots of people care about me. [then name them]
  • And… add some of your own!