Quiet Time 

When it’s time to slow down for a little “quiet time,” there are simple activities you can do together to help recharge and reset for the rest of the day.

Grandkids seem to have limitless energy. They keep grown ups on their toes and on the move. But even young bodies need some quiet time each day. Here are some simple ways to enjoy calm moments: 

  • Let your grandchild pick out a book and find a comfortable spot to snuggle together. Encourage your grandchild to read (or “read” the pictures) to you. You might also ask your grandchild to tell a favorite story. With a little luck, story time might lead to a little nap, too!
  • Puzzles or board games are another way to slow down for a bit. Sit together at the table and recharge with a snack or drink. 
  • Side-by-side activities, like coloring or drawing together, can give you both some creative, quiet moments.  
  • If you’re tired, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and invite your grandchild to play nearby. Explain that you’re going to take a short coffee break and that when the cup is empty, it will be “together playtime” again.  
  • Quiet time outdoors? It’s possible! Try blowing bubbles for your grandchild to pop, or give him some outdoor chalk.  

Quiet time may not always last long, but even a few moments of down time can help you both recharge for the day’s next adventure.