Observe With Me

Watch Abby and Rudy add to their wonder journal, then help children create their own.

Together, watch as Abby and Rudy draw what they observe in their wonder journals, using all their senses to explore nature. Then help children make their own wonder journal to keep track of cool things they see and want to find out more about. Science learning can happen anytime, anywhere!

Staple several sheets of paper together and invite children to decorate the cover. When they see something that catches their attention, observe it together using your senses (probably not taste, though!) and help children log their observations in their wonder journal. Encourage children to use their five senses—sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste (when safe!). 

You can record children’s questions in the journal, and look up the answers in books or online together. 

The journal doesn’t need to stop with science learning—together, you can add poems and stories about what you see, or make lists of new words related to what children have drawn.