Meet Maggie Cadabby

Help children build problem-solving skills to turn an “Oops” into an “Aha!”

Watch together as Abby’s mommy, Maggie, helps Abby solve the problem of spilling her drink. First, Maggie helps Abby calm down by taking deep breaths, and then asks her questions to help figure out the best way to solve her problem and clean up the mess. 

The next time children have a problem, try out Abby’s mommy’s strategy: 

  • Ask them to explain the problem. 
  • Help them calm down by taking deep breaths. 
  • Brainstorm solutions and try them out! 
  • Let them know you’re still there if they need more help. 

Tell children it’s okay to make mistakes and express their emotions—it can even help them when they face big challenges. Point out that grown-ups make mistakes, too… even mommies!