Little Moments

An article about how fathers can turn small moments with their children into quality time.

A key thing dads can do for their children is spend focused, quality time together. It may seem small but there’s a huge value when dads are attentive, loving, and ask thoughtful questions.

Here are a few easy ways for dads to turn little moments into big wins:

  • Start the day with together time. When it’s time to wake up little ones, sit on the edge of the bed and gently tell them it’s time to get up, ask what they dreamed about, or mention something that will be exciting about the day ahead.
  • Make a connection when you see kids after school or at the end of the day. Even when there’s a lot to do, give a big hug hello, join in their play, and ask about their day. A few minutes can mean a lot.
  • Share a story at bedtime. Reading together at bedtime is a routine kids love. It’s a wonderful way to encourage curiosity and connection. Snuggle up, pick a few favorite books, and talk about what you read.