Grouchy Party

Help children to understand the feelings of others through this interactive storybook.

  1. Read the story together, then ask kids how Oscar’s feelings differ from his friends’. You might say, “How do you think Elmo would feel if he got a sardine cake on his birthday? How would you feel? What treat would make you (or me, or a sibling) feel happy?”
  2. Point out that Oscar’s friends care about him and how he feels, even if his feelings are different from theirs. All feelings are okay, even grouchiness!
  3. After reading, encourage kids to tell their own emoji story. Using a phone or computer, challenge kids to find emojis that show each character’s feelings as you go along (you can start with the classic “Once upon a time…”). Kids can choose symbols for important events, too. How many different feelings can they include? When you finish, you might even share the story with a loved one in a text or e-mail. Can they name all the feelings?