We’re all on this planet together! Just learning about the ground under our feet helps inspire us to take care of our environment.

Watch the video together with children. Then explain:

  • Almost all soil has earthworms.
  • Just as farmers use plows to break up soil to let air and water in so that plants can grow well, worms are like living plows, making tunnels through soil as they move. This helps plants and flowers grow.
  • Worms eat dead leaves and dirt, and what they leave behind is called fertilizer. Fertilizer is good for the soil, which helps plants stay healthy.

Ask children which animals they might like to learn more about. Find out where those animals live, what they eat, and what their role in nature is (for instance, bees pollenate plants). Explain that learning about animal habitats makes us good neighbors!

Check out this page and keep the learning going! Once children have watched all the videos and completed all the printable pages, print this certificate (or look at it together on-screen) so they can join the club themselves.