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Helping Children, Families, and Communities Grieve

Sesame Workshop and the New York Life Foundation share a deep commitment to supporting families with young children – especially as it relates to coping with death, and the multi-faceted, ever-changing, enduring nature of grief.  

With philanthropic investment from the New York Life Foundation, one of the largest funders and champions in the childhood bereavement field, children and families dealing with the death of a loved one will have access to new resources that can help them cope. For young children, understanding the permanence of death is extremely difficult. They may experience many different emotions and are not always able to express how they feel, which can be frustrating. And, though processing grief may become easier over time, grieving never truly “ends.” These new resources aid children throughout the grieving journey by providing thoughtful ways to remember loved ones and effectively express and manage big feelings associated with grief and loss. 

The new resources can be found in English and Spanish at Additionally, they are being distributed through the Sesame Street in Communities program, an initiative for community providers who serve families and help children face challenges big and small. Teachers, healthcare professionals, social workers, and any providers working with families and children, are invited to use and share Sesame Workshop’s large and growing library of bilingual resources and professional development tools, created to support them in their vital work.  

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Partner Initiative
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the New York Life’s dedicated online resource for bereaved families and those who want to support them.


The initiative includes multimedia, bilingual (English and Spanish) resources that focus on helping children better understand their own experience of grief and develop empathy for others experiencing grief. The resources also help caregivers continue to parent well and equip community providers with tools to support children and families through several types of grief. This partnership also addresses COVID-19-related deaths and how loss experiences may vary across communities and cultures.

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