Supporting Grieving Native American Children and Families 

Learn ways to support Native American children and families who are grieving with compassion and cultural humility.

In this webinar, Sesame Workshop’s Senior Manager of Content Design, Tara Wright, and Behavioral Therapist, Chenoa Crowshoe-Patterson, discuss how to offer support to grieving Native American children and families in a way that honors their cultural beliefs and customs. Throughout the conversation, Chenoa draws upon her experience as a Blackfeet tribal member and therapist to offer examples that help illustrate how providers can be more considerate of—and even celebrate—a child or family’s cultural and spiritual beliefs. 

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have: 

  • New ways to think about death and grief, especially as it relates to some indigenous populations. 
  • A renewed appreciation for the diversity in thought and belief among children and families you serve. 
  • Ideas for how to offer care in a culturally curious and respectful way. 

Get to know Chenoa! Chenoa Crowshoe-Patterson, LCSW, LLC, is a Blackfeet tribal member and a descendant of the Karuk tribe. She is co-founder and Behavioral Therapist at Native American Counseling and Healing Collective in Denver, Colorado. She received a master’s degree in social work from the University of Denver. 

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