Growing as We Grieve

Parents and caregivers, reflect on your own experience of grief and hear what has helped other families cope, thrive, and find joy.

This resource is just for grown-ups.  

Grief is a complex journey. It encompasses the emotional, mental, and physical reactions you might feel after experiencing a loss, such as the death of a significant person in your life. The death of an important person can lead to so many changes, both small and big, for both children and grown-ups. 

You are not alone in your grief journey. Others have gone before you and are journeying with you. In this interactive, you will hear how grief has affected other families, and what’s helped them cope, thrive, and find joy. 

Everyone’s story of grief is different. Scroll through to explore resources that may help you in yours. Take your time, follow your curiosity, and breathe. It’s okay to skim or skip over things that don’t serve you in this moment. Through it all, remember to pause and reflect: How can you incorporate these ideas, strategies, and tools in a way that feels helpful and authentic to you and your family?