Ten Classic Sesame Street Songs to Take You Back to the 1990s 

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Sesame Street has been helping children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder since its premiere in 1969.

In addition to introducing audiences to a diverse and delightful cast of monsters, people, and furry and feathered friends, the show has gifted us with some of the catchiest and most recognizable tunes of the past few decades. Whether you watched them live as a child in the ‘90s or caught them as reruns in the 2000s, these ten Sesame Street songs are sure to hit you with a heavy dose of nostalgia. 

10. We Are All Earthlings

It’s no surprise that the sweet, simple message of this 1990 ballad written by Joe Moss quickly made “We Are All Earthlings” a Sesame Street classic. The song even went on to be translated into Spanish for the 9th season of the international coproduction Plaza Sésamo!

9. Rosita

The quadruple threat of Little Richard, Hoots the Owl, Rubber Duckie, and – of course – Rosita, ensures that this 1994 parody of Little Richard’s “Lucille” gives you all the feels!

8. Elephant Elevator Operator

There’s only one job that fits this elephant elevator operator, but can it fit him? This silly 1992 bop by Christopher Cerf and Norman Stiles has us stomping our feet and swinging our trunks to the beat!

7. Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5

You can always count on The Count for a great song, and this 1990 hit, a parody of “Pennsylvania 6-5000,” is one in a million. Ah Ah Ah!

6. Be Doodle Dee Dum

Elmo, Zoe, Telly Monster, Baby Bear, and friends know just what to doodle-dee-dum-do when something goes wrong. Good luck getting this song, written by Jeff Moss in 1996, out of your head any time soon.

5. Sing After Me with Elmo and Ernie

“Sing After Me” has been around since Grover first sang it in a 1977 episode with Madeleine Kahn. Still, Ernie and Elmo found a way to make it their own when they sang it together in 1998.

4. Girl of the World

Rosita, Prairie Dawn, Betty Lou, and Zoe are not afraid to sing about all the things that they can do – whether it’s running fast like a cheetah or making a lot of noise – in this 1997 anthem and parody of “I’m a Woman.”

3. Happy Tappin’ with Elmo

You’re going to want to put on your tap shoes for this 1990 number, which features Elmo in a tuxedo dancing his way down the stairs. Need we say more?

2. Slimey to the Moon

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin may have been the first humans on the moon, but Slimey, in 1998, became the first worm. It’s no wonder the great accomplishment inspired Tony Bennet to sing a song!

1. Elmo’s Rap Alphabet

Lots of people know how to sing the alphabet, but can they rap it? Everyone’s favorite 3-and-a-half-year-old monster can, and did, in this 1995 hit. Go, Elmo, go!

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