5 Times Sesame Street Dads Were Great, Relatable Fathers

Just like you, the dads on Sesame Street have that unique touch that makes a father-kid bond so special.

Dads bring together playfulness and nurturing—which in some moments can be harder to accomplish than others.

Check out the highlights below spotlighting the powerful role dads have in encouraging learning, curiosity, and bonding—always with the special mix of heart and silliness both kids and grown-ups need. 

1. Louie Helps Elmo Pause

You’ve likely heard that taking a moment to breathe, refocus, and restart when you’re having a hard time is the way to go. But what about when those times capture us while our little ones have other loud, exciting, and boisterous plans? 

Watch as Elmo’s dad, Louie, figures out not only how to interest Elmo in being still and quiet but is then even able to enjoy a peaceful moment with him. Oh… and notice the sound of leaves rustling in the wind!

2. Rudy’s Daddy Freddy Makes an Old Story New

Reading your own childhood favorite book for the first time with your little one is captivating and exciting. Reading it for the hundredth time?… maybe not as much!

Watch as Freddy (who is also Abby’s stepdad) re-engages with an old favorite by bringing in Rudy’s imagination and creativity to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs in a new way. 

And notice how Freddy plays along with Rudy’s strong huffing and puffing winds—it’s mind-blowing!

3. Elijah Takes Wes to Get a Very Special Haircut

Watch as Elijah takes his son, Wes to a place he normally goes by himself—the barbershop, which is about much more than hair. In Wes’ First Barbershop Cut, together they enjoy the many characters, traditions, and routines of this special community place.

The barbershop is integral to Elijah’s feelings of identity and belonging, so he’s thrilled to share it with his son. 

4. Louie, Elmo… and Bedtime

As you probably know all too well, getting your child to go to sleep can be… a challenge. A tired Louie in “Elmo Isn’t Sleepy” can relate.

The bedtime routine can often feel overwhelming with neither participant at their best, but here, Louie stays the course and uses his best strategies. Eventually—and maybe unexpectedly—both monsters fall asleep.

Hopefully Louie wakes up in time to move back to his bed and not feel the aches of nodding off in his chair the next day!

5. Questions, Questions… and Daniel’s Answers

What do the letter Y and little kids have in common? You already know the answer—everything!

In this song, Just Ask a Question, Daniel (Julia’s dad), responds thoughtfully to Abby, Sam and Elmo while continuing to encourage their curiosity through building further on their questions. 

Fathers on Sesame Street and everywhere in the world try hard every day. Maybe you remember—and have since related to more than once—how baby Natasha helping her daddy practice his lullabies.

Caring adults are vital to children in serious matters as much as playful hijinks—and a father is someone who plays a crucial role in bringing both together.

Please accept our furry, fuzzy, “felt-heart” thanks for all you do, dads! 

PS If you’re looking for a song to sing together to celebrate your loving bond, check out The Wonderful in You!

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