This Is How I Grow

Elmo and his friends sing about all of the ways that they learn and grow, like counting, building, stretching, moving, laughing, singing, dancing, and cooking!

Watch together as Elmo and his friends sing about all the ways they learn and grow: counting, building, stretching, moving, laughing, singing, dancing, cooking, and more! 

Laughing and playing together are ways children and grown-ups grow every day. Each day, do an activity together that Elmo and his friends sang about: 

  • Day 1Counting: Together, count to five on one hand. With each number, share something you like about each other. For example, “I like your big hugs!” 
  • Day 2Building: Design and build an indoor fort using pillows, chairs, and blankets.  
  • Day 3Moving: Play “Big Bird Says”—Big Bird’s version of “Simon Says.” Tell children to move only when you say “Big Bird says.” Challenge them to bend, wiggle, jump, stretch, touch their toes, and more! 
  • Day 4Cooking: Invite children to help cook by stirring, measuring, and pouring ingredients, or decorating a final product. 
  • Day 5Laughing: Have a “Make Me Laugh” contest—make silly faces at each other until one of you cracks up.  
  • Day 6Singing: Explore learning the concept of volume as you sing your favorite song, first as a whisper, then in a normal voice, and in a loud voice. 
  • Day 7Dancing: Put on music and have a dance party. Invent new moves and challenge each other to copy them.