Serving Homeless Families in Health Care Systems

Families in transition face unique challenges within the healthcare system. You can help by taking a holistic and creative approach to providing quality, compassionate care.

Our friends from the Homeless Health Initiative in Philadelphia share strategies and communication techniques for helping vulnerable families feel at ease in your care. Before you begin, check out this training video featuring the organization’s staff and volunteers.

Now explore the videos and resources below and consider how you can use the strategies in your own work. 

The Challenges 

Write down a few specific challenges families in shelter transition may face within the healthcare system. An example may be the lack of continuity in care or difficulty with transportation. 

Then, as you watch this video, consider these questions:

  • What might some concrete examples of “tools you can give right now while surviving” and “ones you can use later on when you have more control” be?
  • What are some things you might say or do with parents to help instill a sense of hope for the future?