Caregiver Workshop: Taking Care of Yourself

Caregivers need to look after themselves in order to support children through tough times.





  1. Ask participants to describe the challenges of caring for a child with an incarcerated parent. Record all ideas on chart paper.
  2. Show the four “Caregiver Advice” videos (Thomas’s, Monique’s, Michelle’s, and Josh’s) to the group. Afterward, ask participants to recall advice from the video that struck them as something they would like to try. You might replay parts of the video.
  3. Mention how important it is for adults to take care of their own needs so that they can be better able to care for children. Break into smaller groups so that parents can discuss their own support systems and how they have used them. If parents do not feel they have support systems, others in their group might suggest steps to begin building them.
  4. Distribute copies of the printable (one per parent). Have participants share strategies for self-care and support with the whole group as they complete the page.