Social Chat: Learning Through Play

Children love to play—and as they do, we can help them explore the world around them and practice important skills.

Children love to play—anytime, anywhere, and with almost anything. Play helps them explore the world around them and practice important skills crucial to brain development. These resources are designed to support adults in facilitating children’s joyful learning!  

These resources will…  

  • Outline some benefits of play for young children,  
  • Offer strategies for caregivers and parents to make the most of playful learning moments with children, 
  • And help adults tune in to their own playful side!  

Pro Tip: The article Learning Through Play: Tips & Tools for Providers provides related resources and facilitation tips for you to use with FFN providers and parents in your setting. 

In this video, FFN (family, friend, and neighbor care) expert Zoraima Rosario-Rolón chats with Sesame Street trainer Antonio Freitas about the importance of play in children’s learning and development. Together, they discuss practical strategies to help parents and caregivers identify—and make the most of—opportunities to incorporate play and learning!   

As you watch the video, think about your own playful interactions with children. Have you ever considered playful moments as learning opportunities, too?