Learning Through Play: Tips & Tools for Providers

Children love to play—and as they do, we can help them explore the world around them and practice important skills.

You can use these resources to host a workshop for parents and Family Friend and Neighbor caregivers in your setting. Consider the following ideas and facilitation tips to provide an informative and playful experience! 

  1. Begin by watching the “Social Chat: Learning Through Play” video together with parents and/or FFNs.  
    • Invite participants to share what types of playful experiences the children in their care enjoy the most. Ask, “How might you incorporate learning into those playful moments?”
    • Talk about the strategies mentioned in the video. What stood out to them? What might they try? 
  1. Print and share the “Growing and Learning Through Play” article and reference it for more ideas and discussion prompts. 
  2. Finally, if you have more time, introduce more resources from that support this theme, such as: 

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