Show Your Love

An article about the importance of fathers expressing their love for their children and suggestions for how dads can show their feelings.

When kids know how much their dads love them, they feel more confident, have greater empathy, and behave better later in life.

Here are a few easy ways dads can show their kids how they feel:

  • You don’t need a special occasion to say “I love you.” When you say good-bye for the day or goodnight at bedtime, that’s a great time to add “I love you.” It can be a way to tell kids they did something funny or interesting. Kids may be comforted to hear “I love you” when they’re feeling sad or upset. And of course, “I love you” is a wonderful thing to say for no reason at all!
  • It means a lot when dads tell kids they are proud of them. When a child does a good job cleaning up, brushing their teeth, kicking a ball, or drawing a picture, try saying, “I’m proud of you!” It’s an easy way to build their confidence to take on new challenges.

Tell kids you love them—and show them! Regular hugs from dad help a child feel secure and understood.