Moving Together

Play this call-and-response game and then fill in the blanks to make your own version.

  1. Read the poem together in an area with lots of space to move. Each time you come to an action word, ask kids to repeat the words like an echo, then show the movement (when you say “We can twist,” they echo “Twist!” as they twist their bodies).
  2. Use a louder voice for action words like “jump.” Whisper the calmer words like “sit” so that kids experience the difference between moving actively and calming down.
  3. Chant the poem as you move your way from one room to the next or from one side of the playground to the other. When you reach the end of the poem, sit down wherever you are to whisper and breathe…before starting to move all over again!
  4. Write your own version of the poem with children. Ask children what some of their favorite moves are, and use these to fill in the blanks. Now you have two fun poems to move to together!