Making Math Time Anytime!

Tips to highlight math in everyday life.

You practice math every day, whether you’re measuring ingredients for a recipe or pressing a numbered button in an elevator. Highlighting math moments helps children understand that math is both fun and useful. 


  • Together, use your phone to check the temperature outside, or step outdoors to feel the air around you. Is it higher or lower than it was the day before? By how much?  
  • Use descriptive math words to help your child get dressed. For instance, “I put your pants on top of your bed” or “I put your socks next to the lamp.” 


  • Go on a shape hunt! Look at signs, buildings, and clouds to find different shapes. 
  • Play with patterns. Try walking in patterns: giant step, baby step, giant step, baby step. Children will also be practicing listening skills by following directions. 


  • Count bath toys or bubbles, and use cups to measure different amounts of water.  
  • Mark childrens height against a wall once in a while, and point out the change each time.