This is a song about knowing who you are, realizing your own worth and dignity, and becoming more content and comfortable within yourself. It’s great song to share with children AND grown-ups alike! As you watch the video with children, think about these questions:

  • What is hard about being you?
  • What is easy?
  • In what ways have you wished you were different, or wished you were more like others? What about yourself have you wanted to change?
  • What about yourself have you learned to accept, appreciate, and enjoy?
  • In what ways are you proud of yourself?

Later, you might share some of your thoughts with children, and ask them similar questions:

  • Ask, “Why do you think Kermit had a hard time being green?” Point out that Kermit named things that were green: leaves, spring, ocean, mountains, trees.
  • Ask, “Do you ever feel like you want to be different? Do you wish you were bigger than you are?” Together, think of good things that are small (flowers, rabbits, muffins, and so on).

Remind children… they’re perfect just as they are.