Abby’s Broken Wand

A storybook featuring strategies to help children cope with big feelings.

We’ve all navigated the challenges of living and learning through a pandemic. During the ups and downs of this time, feelings of stress, uncertainty, and anxiety have been high for adults. Like you, children have felt it. This storybook is meant to support them in moving through their big feelings, whether they’re related to the pandemic or other stressful events.

For young children, play is a powerful form of communication. With toys, children play out their concerns and explore possible solutions. By encouraging play, they’re naturally able to release the concerns and feelings, which decreases stress.

When big feelings happen, it’s important for children and adults alike to focus on what we can do—what’s within our control. Routines, play, movement, and gratitude are important activities within a family or classroom to help counterbalance the big feelings.

As you share this storybook with children, remember that grown-ups can’t always prevent stress, but gentle coaching will help children grow happier, healthier, and more resilient!

Ann Thomas, LCSW, Author

The Children’s Place