Hooray for Healthy Teams

A child’s healthy team includes parents, extended family and caregivers, teachers, doctors, nurses, ...and themselves!

In this storybook, Wes and his dad Elijah talk about Wes’s healthy team — the important people who help keep his body and brain healthy, strong, and safe.  

Read the story together. As you read, encourage children to talk about their own healthy teams by using the prompts on each page. How does each member of their team help them stay safe and healthy? 

After reading, emphasize how children are important members of their own healthy teams! When they drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, move their bodies, spend time outside, and get lots of rest, they’re taking good care of themselves. 

To strengthen your child’s healthy team, you might: 

  • Get to know the other adults in your child’s life, such as their friends’ or classmates’ parents, teachers, and so on.  
  • Reach out to others on your child’s healthy team. This could be a quick conversation with an activity leader, or an e-mail to a teacher to ask how things are going.  
  • Share struggles. If something new is going on in your child’s life, let your child’s healthy team know.
  • Celebrate your child’s accomplishments with the other healthy team members. You’re all in this together! 

Special thanks to the American Academy of Pediatrics.