Watch the video together with children. Then ask:

  • Why was Abby’s mom so frustrated? (She was trying to be a good neighbor to Cinderella by bringing her a pumpkin, but she couldn’t get her spell right.)
  • Have you ever felt frustrated when you couldn’t do something you were trying to do?
  • Check out this page and keep the learning going! Once children have watched all of the videos and completed all the printable pages, print this certificate (or look at it together on-screen) so they can join the club themselves!

Let children see that you’re a work in progress, just as we all are! Explain that no matter what problem people are trying to solve (figuring out a way to keep everyone in your community healthy and safe, making sure we and others are being treated fairly, making sure we and others can stay safe in our communities, being kind even when you disagree with someone, finding a way for everyone to get enough healthy food, and so on), we can keep trying to learn and figure it out.