Watch the video together and move along! Just like the kids in the video, move your hips while the drummer drums. When the drumming stops, freeze like a statue! Try making up your own rhythms by drumming your fingers on any surface, like a counter top, the bottom of a cup or a plastic box. Take turns—children will love making up their own rhythms for you to dance to.

Next, play a favorite song and play freeze dance together. Keep going, taking turns being the one to turn the music on and off.

For very young children, hold their hands for balance, and move their arms along with yours when the music is on. When the music stops, freeze—after a few rounds, they’ll start to get the hang of it!

Add these challenges for older children:

  • Drop to the ground every time the music stops, and jump back up when it comes back on.
  • While the music plays, dance however you’d like—but when the music turns off, you can only jump!  
  • When the music stops, use your bodies to make an interesting shape with a partner.
  • Switch things up—freeze while the music is on and dance your heart out when it’s off!