Color Big Bird’s Nest

The smallest, simplest things—like coloring together—provide the best opportunities for quiet bonding, conversation, relaxation, collaboration, and praise.

After trauma, when our brains can be “hijacked” by fear, anxiety, or anger, a wordless activity like coloring can help us get “unstuck.” Coloring can reduce stress in both adults and children, and this adult-child coloring page lets you sit quietly and just be together. 

Coloring together can help you share important ideas without saying a word: 

  • We can relax together. 
  • We can have a good time together. 
  • We can concentrate. 
  • I am here with you. 
  • I am listening. 
  • I am interested in you. 
  • We can share feelings. 
  • We can make something beautiful, even when the world around doesn’t feel that way. 

Children can use crayons or markers. Colored pencils or thin-tipped markers work well for the detailed “adult” areas, but crayons will work too! 

  • Sit side by side in a quiet space with a surface. You might put on music that you both like. 
  • Children can color Big Bird and his nest while grown-ups color the more detailed background. 
  • Remember there’s no right or wrong way to color; the goal is to sit and relax together. It’s okay to sit without talking, too! 
  • Praise children’s efforts and display the completed page. 

  Before, during, or after coloring, try saying: 

  • “Big Bird feels cozy and safe in his nest. Where do you go to feel like that?” 
  • “Would you like to have your very own nest? Why or why not?” 
  • “If you had a nest, what would you do there? What would you want to keep with you there to feel calm and safe?”