The Muppet's of Sesame Street at a long dinner table.

Sesame Street Characters

Get to know your Sesame Street friends.

Who’s Who in the Neighborhood

Welcome to Sesame Street, where there’s a smile on the face of everyone you meet – well, almost everyone (looking at you, Oscar the Grouch)! Whether you’re a monster, a fairy, or an 8-foot tall canary, it’s the friendliest street in the world – where all are welcome, and everyone belongs.

Each character on Sesame Street brings their own unique personality, passions, and pastimes – and, together, they make up a community like no other. Can you guess which resident loves to play practical jokes? Who’s Big Bird’s best friend? Or who collects paper clips?

Read on to see who’s who in our neighborhood!

Meet the Muppets of Sesame Street

Abby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby

An imaginative and playful 4-year-old, Abby is the daughter of the Fairy Godmother; she’s also a fairy-in-training herself at her after-school program!


Snuffleupagus (“Snuffy”)

Snuffy loves playing with his best friend Big Bird; they share many adventures on Sesame Street as they help each other make sense of their world.

Baby Bear

Baby Bear, borrowed from the enduring “The Three Bears” story, continues to engage young viewers through his adventurous spirit and artistic abilities.

Bert waving both hands


Bert is the long-suffering best friend of Ernie.

Big Bird smiling

Big Bird

Standing at 8’2” tall, Big Bird is a compassionate 6 ½-year-old yellow bird.

Cookie Monster waving

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a frenzied yet cuddly character on a persistent quest for more food … especially cookies!

The Count waving

Count Von Count

The Count is a happy and helpful character who enjoys counting anything and everything.

Elmo outreaching his hands


Elmo is a 3½-year-old red monster with a distinctive cheerful voice and a contagious giggle.

Ernie smiles


Ernie is mischievous, frequently playing practical jokes on his good buddy, Bert.

Gabrielle poses with her hands on her hips


Gabrielle is a six- and 3/4-year-old girl with a vibrant and curious personality.

Grover dancing


Grover, Sesame Street’s gregarious blue monster, accomplishes his tasks with a childlike exuberance that has been making young viewers laugh for more than four decades.

Gonger holding up a wooden spoon


Gonger is an adorable little pink monster with a HUGE amount of energy.

Julia waving


Julia is a bright and curious four-year-old girl who has autism.

Oscar the Grouch

Oscar, Sesame Street’s resident Grouch, despises all things “nice” like rainbows, candy, and chocolate.


Rosita is an optimistic and playful 5-year-old whose full name, Rosita la Monstrua de las Cuevas, means “The Monster of the Caves.”


Rudy is Abby Cadabby’s new three-year-old step-brother with bright orange fur and a mop of blue curls.



Tamir is an 8-year-old boy who lives with his mother, father and older brother.


Tango is a music-loving, curious puppy brimming with joy and energy.

Telly Monster

Telly Monster is an intense and earnest monster who worries over everything.


Zoe is an energetic 3-year-old who loves to dance and sing.

Gabrielle poses with two grownups and a child.
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