Mecha Elmo, Mecha Cookie, and Mecha Abby pose as superheroes.

Sesame Street Mecha Builders Season 1

Plan it, test it, solve it!

Mecha Elmo strikes a power pose on a farm.

Press Release

Sesame Street’s first-ever 3D CGI spinoff combines lovable characters and a STEM curriculum for older preschoolers.

Season One premieres May 9 on Cartoonito on Cartoon Network and May 10 on Cartoonito on HBO Max.

(Tuesday, April 26 – New York, NY) – To celebrate the upcoming launch of Sesame Street Mecha BuildersSesame Workshop and Warner Bros. Discovery are previewing the STEM-centric animated series on YouTube. The first eleven-minute story, “Sesame Street Mecha Builders: They Sent Us a Pie,” can be found on the Sesame Street YouTube channel now. The series officially debuts in May on Cartoonito, Warner Bros. Discovery’s preschool programming block on HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

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About the Show

Mecha Elmo, Cookie, and Abby strike heroic poses on a hilltop.

About Sesame Street Mecha Builders Season 1

Sesame Street Mecha Builders reimagines Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby as robot heroes-in-training who use their STEM superpowers to solve wacky larger-than-life problems. Animated in a dynamic 3D style, this Sesame Street spinoff helps older preschoolers practice foundational critical thinking skills while laughing along with their Sesame friends. The series introduces children to STEM concepts like simple machines, force, and properties of matter, illustrated with help from the Mechas and their unique powers.

Across 26 episodes – each containing two complete 11-minute stories – the friends get into all kinds of silly situations, whether they’re using a wedge to split a giant banana for an ice cream statue or learning how to measure cables for a zipline through the trees. Lively animation – provided by Toronto-based firm Guru Studios – opens up imaginative possibilities like Mecha Cookie’s “Hammer Hand,” Mecha Abby’s stretchy arms, and the Mechas’ ability to go “Mecha Big” and “Mecha Tiny” to solve problems on every scale.

Old friends. New heroes. The Mecha Builders may not get it right the first time, but they won’t give up until they solve the problem and save the day! The first episode of Sesame Street Mecha Builders is available now on Sesame Street’s YouTube channel; the first five episodes will drop on Cartoonito on Cartoon Network on 5/9, and HBO Max on 5/10, with more coming soon.

Select Episode Decriptions

101: “They Sent Us a Pie” / “Dust in the Wind”

“They Sent Us A Pie”: When the Mechas notice a giant pie floating above Pretty Big City, they slice it up to share with all their friends. Pie for everyone! After the last slice is gone, the team learns that the pie was sent by some friendly aliens to stop an asteroid! Now it’s up to the Mechas to find something else to catch the asteroid. Curriculum: properties of matter.

“Dust In The Wind”: A quartet of singing stone heads are ready to perform at Big Old Boulder Museum … but they can’t stop sneezing! The Mechas have to go “Mecha Tiny” to figure out what’s causing the sneezing, and work together to solve the problem before the concert. Curriculum: properties of matter.

102: “Mecha Builders Pull Together” / Lift Up and Lift Off

“Mecha Builders Pull Together”: The Mechas arrive on the scene to help a park ranger stuck at the bottom of a crevice. The problem multiplies when Mecha Abby gets stuck on a tree branch trying to reach him. The Mechas need to find a way lift heavy things so they can free Abby from the tree and lift the ranger out. Curriculum: pulleys

“Lift Up And Lift Off”: The Mechas’ friend Zee is ready to launch his rocket into space, but a launchpad malfunction sends the rocket flying off to the farm instead. Once the Mechas get the rocket back to Zee’s launchpad, they need to figure out how to point it back up toward the sky in time for liftoff. Curriculum: pulleys

103: “That Old Time Rock Rolls” / “Make Like A Banana and Split”

“That Old Time Rock Rolls”: Berta is taking a picture with the Big Old Boulder for the city’s museum, but she needs the Mechas’ help when the boulder starts rolling down a hill! The Mechas work together to get the rock back up the hill — and keep it there! Curriculum: wedge.

“Make Like A Banana And Split”: It’s Food Day in Pretty Big City, and the city is celebrating by unveiling a banana split statue! But when the statue is revealed, the banana atop the banana split statue is not split! The Mechas need to fix it quickly, before everyone’s Food Day ice cream melts. Curriculum: wedges.

104: “Magnet Mayhem” / “Stop That Train”

“Magnet Mayhem”: The magnet crane at the construction site is switched on by mistake, sucking up all the metal in the area — including Mecha Cookie and Mecha Abby! The Mechas learn about magnetism as they figure out how Mecha Elmo can stop the pull of the magnet before more anything – or anyone! – else gets trapped. Curriculum: forces.

“Stop That Train”: Marwyn is waiting for an egg delivery at the Treetop Woods Train Station. When the engineer tries to stop the train, the brake lever snaps! The Mechas try different ways to stop the train without breaking any of Marwyn’s eggs. Curriculum: forces.

105: “Picture Perfect Park Party” / “Sun Block”

“Picture Perfect Park Party”: Hero Celebration Day is coming to an end; the big finale is a slideshow of the everyday heroes of Pretty Big City. When the screen rips during the event, the Mechas need to find something flat and opaque to show off the photos and celebrate the city’s heroes properly. Curriculum: properties of light.

“Sun Block”: The people of Pretty Big City are cooling off on a hot day with an ice slide in the park … but the situation gets slippery when the ice slide starts melting. The Mechas hunt for something to slow down the melting process and protect their friends’ summer fun. Curriculum: properties of light.

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Production Team

Kay Wilson Stallings – Executive Producer and EVP, Creative and Production
Olexa Hewryk – Executive Producer and VP, Animation Production
Joe Fallon – Executive Producer and Head Writer
Jordan Geary – Supervising Creative Producer and Senior Director, Current Series Production
Melanie Gristanti – Supervising Producer and SVP, Production Management
Alia Nakashima – Supervising Producer and Senior Director, Production Management
Michael J. Smith – Creative Producer
Maxwell Nicoll – Story Editor
Lacey Mason/Marisa Wallin – Associate Producer
Rosemarie T. Truglio, Ph.D. – SVP, Curriculum and Content
Susan Scheiner, M.A. – Director, Curriculum and Content
The Mecha Builders huddle together to plan
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