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Learning is all about relationships… and relationships with teachers are special!

Strong connections between teachers and kids can help all children feel seen and heard in the learning space and begin the day ready to learn. Learning is all about relationships, and relationships with teachers and other trusted adults are important and special! Share this video with children to celebrate these important bonds.  

For Teachers 

When greeting children, try personalized greetings, as the teacher, Elena, did in the video. This routine can build strong one-on-one relationships that help children feel cared for when entering the learning space. You might ask children to choose a greeting: high five, hug, a unique handshake, or a little movement or dance. 

For Parents 

At school or childcare drop-off, remind your little one that their teacher: 

  • cares about them  
  • is looking forward to seeing them 
  • makes sure they’re ready to learn each day 
  • sees and hears them 

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