Together Poem: You’re Okay

A poem for adults and children to read together.

Read this poem aloud together, using the icons to tell who reads what. You’ll be sharing important ideas, and as children repeat them, they can begin to internalize them. Depending on children’s ages and development, you may also be helping to build reading confidence.
As you share each line and children repeat it, you’re reinforcing key messages for children to remember:

  • You are strong. You belong here.
  • You’ll be all right. You’ll hold on tight.
  • You carry others in your heart…even when you’re far apart.
  • You have space to learn and play, and you are growing every day.
  • I’ll keep you safe when you are here. I’ll help you handle any fear.
  • In sunny days and stormy weather, we are in this thing together.

You might think of other ideas they would add to the poem, and write them on the back (they don’t have to rhyme). You can read the poem together again and again. If possible, children can display it in their space, or keep it with their belongings.