Before viewing together, invite children to close their eyes if they want to. Say, “There are sounds all around. What sounds do you hear around you?” Together, name as many as you can. Talk about the sounds:

  • Are they loud or soft?
  • Can you tell what is making each sound? (Some sources will be more obvious than others!)
  • Are they coming from nearby or far away?
  • Are they coming from outside or inside? If they’re outside, are they coming from nearby or far away? If there are sounds coming from a street, can you tell which kind of vehicle is making them?
  • Of all the sounds you hear, which is your favorite?

Explain that listening closely is a way to calm ourselves when we are having big feelings—when we quiet down we can better notice the sounds around us. Elmo’s friend Karli is going to show us how.

As you watch, move along to the beat and enjoy the many sounds of the community happening all at once.

After watching:

  • Try recreating some of the sounds Elmo and Karli noticed. What sounds can you create it your bodies? Clap, snap, tap, laugh, sing, click your tongue, make animal sounds, and so on.
  • Remind children that they can do this anywhere, anytime. Explain that even when it seems quiet at first, if we pay close attention, we will hear sounds we didn’t realize were there. The world is always singing to us!
  • You might watch once more, this time with your eyes closed. Do you notice anything different?