Tenley’s Story

In the middle of big changes, it's important to remember: some things change, but others stay the same.

Change can be hard sometimes, and fun other times. But not everything has to change! It helps to keep some of the old activities and routines, and add in some new ones too.   

Watch the video together. Then:  

  • Ask children which things changed for Tenley, and which things stayed the same. 
  • Make a list of family routines that you can still keep, then think of some new routines your family can create together.   
  • Display photos or make drawings of the old and new house, old and new friends, and so on. 
  • Keep in touch! Make up a plan to stay connected with old friends and family, whether by letter, email, phone call, or video chat.  
  • Have a family hug! Families are always there for each other.