Children will be better able to remember to wash their hands if they know what germs are and how they spread. But it can be hard to understand something you can never see! Try a few of these simple and fun games to teach about germs and how to keep them away.

How Germs Spread

Set out a few toys and a small dish with flour in it. Have children dip their hands in the flour. Explain that you’ll all pretend the flour is germs.

Have children play with the toys. After a few minutes, say, “Look! The germs got all over your toys!” Pick one up and show how a little flour is now on your hands!

Nooks and Crannies

Show children how sneaky germs can be. Take a pinch of flour and tell children to pretend the flour is germs. Rub the flour all over your hands. Now, wipe your hands off on a dry towel or napkin. Now show your hands. Say, “Look! The germs are still hiding in all the little spaces on my hands!”

Now wash your hands with soap and water and show how the flour has disappeared.

Super Soap

Fill a small dish with water and sprinkle in some pepper. Tell children that the pepper is like germs. Move your finger through the water and show that the pepper is still there—and it’s even sticking to your finger.

Now, put a single drop of dish soap into the dish. Look—the germs have run away!

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