Questions, Questions!

An article about using children’s questions as a springboard into playful learning.

Young children are natural scientists. They are full of curiosity about the world. That curiosity means they will have a lot of questions, which are wonderful invitations to play. When children ask questions, you have a chance to turn that curiosity into action! You might consider:

Answering Questions With a Question

Even if you know the answer to a child’s question, try asking what they think. This builds thinking skills and encourages curiosity.

  • If children ask a “how” question, such as “how does this work?” answer with a question such as “What do you think?” and “How could we find out?”
  • If children ask a “why” question, such as “Why is this wheel round?”, answer with a question such as “What would happen if it was square?”
  • Encourage children to draw pictures, make up stories, and do pretend play to explore their questions.

Asking Your Own Questions
Your questions can send children into a world of exploration. Ask questions that start with phrases such as:

  • What could you use this for?
  • How you do think we could…?
  • What are three ways to…?
  • What might happen if we…?
  • What is another way to…?

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