Print this page and help children complete it, or just look at it together on-screen. If there are things you don’t currently do, consider how you may start doing them. Remind children that when everyone does these small things, we waste less, the whole world becomes cleaner, there is more nature to enjoy, and animals have more safe places to live.

Later, you might:

  • Slow down together. Notice what is happening on the ground, in trees, in the sky. On a walk, notice and name the trees, plants, and flowers you see. (Point out that finding interesting and beautiful things in nature helps you be a better friend to the Earth.)
  • If there’s a community garden in your neighborhood, city, or town, look into joining.
  • Be amazed by soil together! After cracking eggs, rinse out the shells and put the halves back in the carton. Fill the eggshell halves with dirt and then sprinkle dry lentils on top. Every day, flick a few drops of water on them—in a few days, they’ll sprout!

You can also watch this video about taking care of the Earth.