Choose a story and pick one of three levels. To extend learning, you can: 

Discover Words 

  • Focus on letters and basic sounds   by asking “What letter or sound does this word start with?” 
  • Focus on the pictures by asking “Can you find the circles in this picture?” or “What colors do you see here?” 
  • Help children figure out what words mean by asking “What do you see in this picture?” 

Explore More 

  • Focus on the storyline by asking “What is happening here?” 
  • Help children predict what might happen next by asking “What do you think Elmo might do next?” or “What do you want to happen next?” 

Story Time 

  • Read the story once, then start again and ask kids to “read” the story to you in their own words. 
  • Encourage children to add on to the story by asking “What do you think happens after this story ends?” or “What if this weren’t the end? What might happen next?” 

All Levels 

  • Let children control the story experience by clicking the arrows to turn the pages, and clicking the words to hear what they mean and see the picture wiggle. 
  • Relate the story back to children’s own experiences and feelings. 
  • Ask children to tell you about their favorite part of the story. 
  • Remind kids that stories can take us on adventures to places we’ve never been! When choosing a book, you might say, “What kind of adventure should we go on today?”