Questions Spark Science

Ask questions all the time, and make everyday science discoveries along the way.

Asking questions about things you’re curious about is a great way to spark science learning and investigation. Here are questions that can spark science discovery at home and on the go. Try to find out the answers together!

At Home:

  • Do you think this sponge will sink or float in the bath? How about this spoon?
  • Is it easier to balance on one foot or two feet?
  • Can you move your hair by blowing air? How about a piece of paper? What about a banana?
  • Can you find your shadow indoors?
  • Which object will fall more quickly when dropped from waist-height: a feather or a pencil? How about a paper-towel roll versus a piece of paper?

On the Go:

  • Which goes down a slide faster: a shoe or a ball?
  • What does tree bark feel like?
  • What happens to an ice cube if we leave it in the sun? What about if we leave it in the shade?
  • Can you find your shadow outside?
  • What does the grass feel like in the morning? What about in the evening?