Out and About, Safely

Movement can help us calm down, relieve stress, build focus, and boost our brains!

Social distancing means staying a safe distance away from other people to protect them and ourselves from germs. The CDC recommends that we keep at least six feet between people. Ideally, families should stay home, limit outings, and avoid physical contact with non-family members.

But staying inside most of the time might have us feeling a little stir-crazy! Fortunately there are ways to safely get a little fresh air. Consider these ideas:

  • Play in your yard. If you have a front or back-yard, that’s great! Kids can run around to get some energy out and enjoy the outdoors. You may be tempted to go to a public park, but it’s really important to avoid public play equipment, because COVID-19 germs can linger there.
  • Walk the dog. Walks around the neighborhood are okay, but avoid touching surfaces or getting too close to other people.
  • Ride your bike or hike in nature. Go on a family bike ride or nature walk. Set some ground rules for touching objects and getting too close to others.
  • Virtual play dates. Right now it’s best to not have friends over or meet up for play dates in person. Social media platforms and video calls make virtual playdates simple. Children can talk, play, and laugh together without being in the same room.

Bringing and using hand sanitizer when you’re out and about is a good idea. And remember to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after any outing!