Let’s Make Up a Story

Sharing stories can build vocabulary and critical thinking skills—and it’s a great way to bond and share family culture and traditions.

Oral storytelling (making up stories and telling them aloud) and other reading activities can be opportunities for great conversations and building vocabulary. Children are also learning how stories are “built” (for instance, most stories have a beginning, middle, and end).  

  1. Together with children, watch as Rosita and Abuela make up their own version of a Mexican folktale about Luna Rabbit—a bunny who lives on the moon.   
  1. Create a new story together about Luna Rabbit, like Rosita and Abuela did. Think of a beginning, a middle, and an end to the story; a problem that Luna Rabbit might have in the story; and a solution to the problem. You might add science information (such as the concepts of full, half, or crescent moon), new vocabulary words (such as crater), and math concepts (perhaps Luna Rabbit needs to count carrots!).  
  1. Write the story down. Talk about what children think Luna Rabbit looks like, and then describe how you picture Luna. Point out how everyone imagines things a different way! Then invite children to illustrate the story.