Good Neighbors: Helping Hands

A printable page about helping.

Print this page and help children complete it. Ask children, “How many ways can you think of helping your friends and neighbors?” Ideas might include:

  • clapping for an essential worker
  • baking and packing treats for essential workers
  • collecting coins in a jar and donating to organizations that need help
  • packing boxes with donations
  • calling a faraway loved one who might be feeling lonely, or who needs checking in on (or doing the same for a neighbor)
  • sorting through toys, books, or clothes they don’t use anymore and donating them
  • writing a thank-you note or drawing a picture for someone they love or someone they want to thank
  • making signs to post in your windows
  • doing chores at home to help parents who are working

Of course, in a health emergency, washing our hands can be the biggest help of all!

You can also watch this video about helping.