Watch the video together with children. Then ask:

  • What are some ways you stay safe?
  • Why did Oscar think it was his job to keep Slimey safe?
  • What are some ways everyone can help keep each other’s bodies safe and healthy? (coughing into our elbows so we don’t spread germs, wearing masks, staying apart from others)

Safety isn’t just about helmets, of course. When children know how to keep themselves safe, they build the confidence they need to face challenges. Children can become more resilient—better able to cope with adversity and recover from tough times—when they feel confident in the healthy habits they’ve learned to stop germs from spreading. In this way, everyone who practices these habits is a hero!

Check out this page and keep the learning going! Once children have watched all of the videos and completed all the printable pages, print this certificate (or look at it together on-screen) so they can join the club themselves!