Watch the video together with children. Can they describe what compassion is in their own words? Remind them that when we show compassion to others, we care for them and are kind to them. We think about their feelings and needs. Compassion and empathy let us feel happy about others’ good feelings, too.

Ask children:

  • How was the cat feeling when she was stuck in the tree? (scared, nervous) Have you ever felt like that? (you might share a time when you felt that way)
  • Why did the friends need to call Elmo’s daddy? (to be safe around an animal they didn’t know)
  • What do you think Rosita was thinking as she held the cat? How do you think she was feeling? How do you think the cat was feeling?
  • Can you talk about a time you showed compassion to another person (or animal)?
  • Can you talk about a time someone showed compassion to you?
  • Besides being compassionate, what are some other ways that someone can show you they are a good friend?

Check out this page and keep the learning going! Once children have watched all of the videos and completed all the printable pages, print this certificate (or look at it together on-screen) so they can join the club themselves.