Giving Hearts Time to Heal

Remind kids that grieving and healing both take time.

  1. Together, watch this video and talk about how Elmo and Jesse have lots of big feelings about Uncle Jack’s death. Explain that it will take time for their hearts to heal, and that talking about feelings and sharing happy memories of Uncle Jack help Elmo, Jesse, and their family get through this tough time.
  2. Together, use construction paper, family photos, and pictures from magazines to make a memory collage. You can write a short dedication to the memory of the person who died. Decorate it with pictures of his or her favorite things, or with things that remind you of special times spent together.
  3. Display the collage to remind children that the person who died will always be part of their family. You can suggest that children blow a kiss each time they walk past it, or look at it whenever they want, knowing that their loved one is still in their hearts and minds.