Everyday Math Tips

Make learning simple as 1,2,3 with these everyday math tips.

Have a little fun with math and share the enjoyment of learning with kids during everyday moments. Try these math tips. If one works well, turn it into a daily routine! Kids will pick up on your “math confidence” and know that they can do it, too—anytime, anywhere.

  • Discover numbers. Use your fingers to find out different ways to make eight. Start with five and three fingers. What else works?
  • Measure with household objects. For example, how many straws do you think it will take to measure your hand?
  • Name a shape. Count how many things you can find that are that shape. Ask, “What do you think we will find that is shaped like a triangle?”
  • Explore parts of a whole. Ask kids to name the different parts of favorite toys or even the different parts of the face.
  • Count on the go, anywhere! “How many lampposts are there? How many steps? How many park benches? How many blue cars?”
  • Talk about differences in length. For example, “These two shorter blocks together are the same length as the one longer block.”
  • Draw lines on the sidewalk. Have kids draw straight, angled, curved, zigzag, or looped lines with chalk on the sidewalk or driveway.
  • Compare the shapes and sizes of items. Ask, “Which fruit is biggest? What shape is it similar to?”
  • Ask kids to complete a task (such as sitting quietly) by the time you reach 10. Count higher if kids need more time, and encourage them to count along!