Daily Routines

Resettling means learning new routines, languages, rules, and so much more. Learning together can help families forge unique bonds that can help them through future challenges.

Big changes often involve lots of learning. When settling into their new or ‘for-now’ communities, children and adults will need to learn new routines, languages, and rules, environments, and cultural norms, among other things.  So much learning may feel overwhelming but knowing that they are good learners can build young children’s confidence. And learning new things together can help families forge unique bonds that can help them through future challenges.  

Ordinary moments such as getting dressed, preparing meals, cleaning up, or bedtime can be opportunities to learn together. In these moments, you can help your child build skills for learning new words, reading, writing, math, and so much more. Your life—and routines—may look and feel different right now, but even one or two consistent moments in a child’s day can build their sense of security.  

Before you watch this video, make a list together of things you usually do during the day, starting with first thing in the morning. Ask, “What are some things we do each day?” “What do you look forward to?”  

This can also be a time to talk about what’s different and what’s the same as before. You can remind children that it’s okay to miss how things used to be—and still enjoy life now, too.  

Then, watch this video with your child and think about ways you might learn together throughout the day. Write your ideas down next to the things you wrote on your list.  

Remember:  As you explore these resources, remember that your safety, security, and comfort are your priorities. It’s okay to focus on just making sure you and your children feel safe and calm. In those moments, a deep breath or a quiet moment may be all you need (or, sometimes, all you can do). If you still feel stressed, it’s okay to take your time and come back when you’re ready.