I know my letters and numbers!

Printables to help children learn their letters and numbers.

Your child’s experience of school in your new or “for-now” community will likely be very different than what they’re used to. You can help them prepare by practicing letters and numbers. Invite children to color these pages. Can they name each letter and each numeral? 

Here are more ways to prepare children for school: 

  • Search for letters and numbers all around you (look at signs when you’re out and about: “Can you find the letter A?” “Can you find the number 3?”). 
  • Help children practice writing their first names. 
  • Help children practice writing numbers. You might invite them to copy your phone number and say each number in it (this will help them memorize it, too!). 
  • Help children practice holding a pencil or crayon with their thumb and finger supporting the tip. 
  • Write (and say) a number between 1 and 10 and invite your child to hold up that many fingers. 
  • Share stories and read books together.