Caring, Connecting, and Communicating

A video about home-school communication.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or other school staff, you’re a key player in a child’s learning team! Teams are all about good communication, of course, so this is a great time to think about how to connect with others on the team in order to support your little star players.

Watch this video on home-school communication and consider:

  • In terms of connecting with the others on children’s learning teams, what has actually worked well during the pandemic? Are there things that I’d like to keep doing even as we move toward on-site learning?
  • What am I most looking forward to, in terms of connecting with others on the learning team? How can we celebrate and honor each other’s roles?
  • How do I want our first parent-teacher meetings to look? Our first back-to-school nights? How can I set up helpful communication practices?
  • What will be important to discuss with the team, in terms of the impact of the pandemic on children’s learning (both subject-area learning and social-emotional development)?
  • How can I share my concerns about how children may have been impacted by the pandemic?
  • What are new ways I might reach out to others on the team and support them?