Archibaldo se siente triste

Video para niñas y niños sobre cómo manejar emociones desafiantes y qué hacer cuando nos sentimos tristes.

Basma, Jad, Ma’Zooza, and Body Builder Chicken are all playing Banana, Banana, Orange (duck duck goose), but Basma feels sad because Jad has already picked her to be Orange three times. Chicken interrupts with a big feelings alert – it’s their friend Grover. Grover lost one of his juggling rings that his granny gave him. Basma and Jad help Grover identify his feeling as “sad” and help him feel better by teaching him to “move it out.” The move it out strategy helps both Basma and Grover feel less sad.

 This video can be sent to caregivers via SMS or played live in centers using laptops, tablets, TV screens, or projectors. 

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