Ten Times Olympians Visited Sesame Street

Many incredible actors, artists, and athletes have visited Sesame Street over the years. But it’s a particularly special occasion when Olympians stop by to share their skills with everyone’s favorite furry friends.

Here are ten times that Winter and Summer Olympians from all different sports visited Sesame Street.

1. Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Olympians Sing “Sunny Days”

2. “S is for Sports” with Chloe Kim and Big Bird

3. Olympic Athletes Learn How to Eat Like Cookie Monster

4. “C is for Counting” with Laurie Hernandez

5. What’s Your Sport? With Jamie Anderson, Adam Rippon, and Furry Friends

6. Tucker West Teaches Cookie Monster about Luging

7. “The Word of the Day” with Olympic Figure Skaters

8. Froggy Jumps with Dominique Dawes and Rosita

9. Elmo Learns about Teamwork with Olympic Fencers

10. Elmo and Olympians Sing “The Olympic Song”

And don’t forget about the time that Slimey, Oscar’s pet worm, competed in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games!

Grover flying
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